We study and scrutinize media

About Institutet för mediestudier:

Institutet för Mediestudier (The Institute for Media Studies) promotes – using academic research as a tool –well founded discussion on how the media copes with its most fundamental task of investigating those in power and describing the reality surrounding us. It does so by funding original research and spreading knowledge of existing results and by acting as a forum for discussions on the role of media in society.

The Institute is a civil society association supported by a wide circle of actors: the trade union movement, the corporate sector and civil society actors as the Church of Sweden and the Swedish Sports Confederation.

The academic research of the Institute for Media Studies receives long term funding from Marianne och Marcus Wallenbergs stiftelse and from Familjen Erling Perssons stiftelse.


For further information contact: 

Lars Truedson, Director
+46 70-632 04 06 lars@mediestudier.se

Maria Diskay, Communication
+46 70-570 33 32 maria@mediestudier.se

Jonathan Lundqvist, Editor
+46 70 551 21 50 jonathan@mediestudier.se

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